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Manjaro 21.3 “Ruah” Released! Download Here



The “Ruah” release of Manjaro 21.3 has been made available for download by the Manjaro team. The term “Ruah,” which has its roots in Hebrew, may be translated as “Spirit.” Let’s have a look at everything that’s been added since the last release of Manjaro (21.3).

What’s new in Manjaro 21.3

Calamares installer has been updated to version 3.2 and is included in Manjaro 21.3. This release also includes support for additional LUKS partitions, which is short for Linux Unified Key Setup. These partitions are used to encrypt data.

According to Philm, a member of the Manjaro project, the “Users module now provides lists of disallowed login- and host-names, in order to avoid settings that may screw up the setup.” This was stated in the release article.

The GNOME edition of Manjaro 21.3 ships with the most recent version of GNOME (42), which brings dark UI and theme support across the whole system.

The Plasma version of 21.3 is included with the Plasma 5.24 operating system. Plasma is well-known for the vast customization choices it provides, and the most recent version of Plasma offers even more of these options. You may utilize the overview effect to switch between several desktops, and the Desktop Panels can adhere to the sides of the screen.

On the other side, the Xfce variation has also gotten a lot of enhancements, beginning with the support for fractional scaling, which is one of the things that has been desired the most.

Aside from that, there have been several enhancements to the overall quality of life, such as search enhancements in the settings manager, bug fixes in the Thunar file manager, support for queued file transfer, and so on.

Ruah comes preinstalled with the most recent long-term support version of the Linux kernel, version 5.15. The “Ruah” version of Manjaro 21.3 is available for download via the URL provided below.

Download Manjaro

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