Linux Kernel 5.15 Is Out! Here’s What’s New

Linus Torvalds has announced the release of the new LTS Linux Kernel 5.15 and, as always, there is new features worth looking forward to So, here’s what’s new with Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS.

Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS: What’s New?

In the announcement of the release, Linus says, “The final week of 5.15 consisted of mostly networking and GPU fixes, with scattered other fixes (a few btrfs-related reverts, certain KVM updates, some minor fixes scattered around and a couple of architecture fixes and a couple of tracing fixes and driver tweaks and so on.). A complete shortlog is included,” suggesting that the release isn’t huge. He also expects the following time frame for mergers will appear to be “small and calm.”

Improved NTFS3 Driver

The brand new NTFS file system developed by Paragon Software adds more features and improves its performance. NTFS3 driver. It will also remain upstream in the future. Overall, this upgrade should allow the use of the NTFS system much easier.

KSMBD (An In-Kernel SMB File Server)

5.15 LTS ships with KSMBD the in-kernel SMB server that will be more efficient and also support RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access).

AMD CPU/GPU Improvements

Monitoring of temperature is now available for AMD Zen 3 APUs is finally available! Alongside that, the kernel will also include support for the coming RDNA2 graphic cards.

Improved Apple M1 Support

The driver IOMMU of Apple M1 was added to increase compatibility with the Apple M1 chip. There are more tweaks to be included in the kernel’s next release.

Improved Support for Intel’s 12th Gen CPUs

Intel has announced the Alder Lake series just a few weeks ago and, while Alder Lake on Linux was enhanced in Linux Kernel 5.14 in its own right, 5.15 improved support by adding TCC driver. TCC driver.

In the beginning, TCC stands for Time Coordinated Computing It can be used to modify the efficiency of Intel CPUs. In addition, the update includes compatibility with Intel DG2 discrete graphics and XeHP.

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