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Integrated vs Dedicated Graphics Card Which is Better?



I’m confused over the difference between Dedicated and Integrated Graphics Card? Are you unable to decide which one to use Integrated or Dedicated Graphics Card and Why? 

This article will explain what is the distinction between Integrated and dedicated Graphics Cards. I’m sure you are the basics of Graphic cards and drivers. 

If you don’t know about this, a graphics card, also referred to by the name of a graphic processing unit (GPU) is responsible for rendering images to your display It does this by making data into a form that your monitor is able to understand. 

Graphic components are the component of your computer which controls and improve the way graphics (pictures videos, pictures programs, animations 3D ) appear on your computer’s display.

Integrated vs Dedicated Graphics Card

In general, there are two types of GPUs that are available such as dedicated Graphics Card and Integrated Graphics Card. integrated Graphics are integrated into the motherboard, and there is no added-in card. Integrated graphics make use of a part of the computer’s system RAM instead of having their own memory. 

Integrated graphics aren’t as powerful as discrete graphics, however, they save energy. They are built into many laptops and desktops, and they are economical, however, they can’t be upgraded easily.

A dedicated graphics card is added which is connected to the motherboard, as an additional component. It provides greater processing power and better quality visual experiences as compared to integrated graphics to be used in programs that require lots of computing power like HD video content as well as 3D games.

Integrated Graphics Card

The combination of GPU and CPU is known as integrated graphics. Today, every processor made by Intel (i.e. Core i3 I5, i5, and i7) includes integrated GPUs, so it’s just an issue of the motherboard to determine if this feature will be enabled.

The term “integrated graphics” refers to the name of a computer that doesn’t have its own memory but makes use of a small portion of the memory of the system. Therefore, if you’ve got a system that has the capacity of 4GB, your video card could use between 1 and 5 percent of memory to process graphics. 

However, it is important to note that the volume memory used through the embedded graphics card is variable and is dependent on the GPU load.

The advantage of an integrated model is that it’s cheaper than a dedicated one, making it a cheaper option when purchasing a laptop or computer. The integrated graphics card produces much less heat than an individual video card and requires a significantly lower amount of power, which can increase the battery’s lifespan overall. 

These cards are ideal for everyday graphic processing. This could include watching or editing videos, gaming in 2D, and general word processing. These types of activities don’t require a lot of graphics and a basic video card is perfect.

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Integrated Graphics Card:

  • Uses RAM on your device
  • Does everyday tasks with ease. Gaming is only a problem when graphics that are extremely graphically demanding
  • It’s warmer and less hot.
  • Uses less battery/power
  • Cheaper

Dedicated Graphics Card

On the other hand dedicated graphics cards have their own memory, leaving the RAM used by your system unaffected. For instance, if you own a GeForce GTX 550 Ti with 8GB of memory. It will use that memory and not use memory in the system. The dedicated cards are ideal when you’re into serious gaming or are a professional graphic designer.

Dedicated cards can also be used for customization. If you wish to increase the speed of the graphics card you have, it’s necessary to boost the power of your cooling. Water cooling blocks that are added to the system or even more powerful fan assemblies allow this to be done.

If you are watching a high-definition film or playing a graphically intense game, the card starts working as a dedicated card improving performance overall, while decreasing the battery’s life.

Also, if you’re an avid player or you have a dual monitor system that’s the GPU will need to be working harder and rapidly heat up. The cards also consume power therefore using a laptop equipped with a dedicated graphics processor can reduce battery longevity.

In removing these limitations dedicated cards are significantly superior to integrated graphics. These dedicated video cards are great for those looking for the most immersive visual experience whether you’re designing graphics or gaming. Be aware that the game’s visuals are constantly evolving. It is important to think ahead and select the right card that can stand for at most a couple of years before you have to upgrade.

Dedicated Graphics Card:

  • Has dedicated RAM. The RAM of the device is unaffected
  • Improved handling of graphic-intensive tasks. e.g. Designing, Gaming etc.
  • The heat is on
  • Utilizes more power
  • Costlier

Final Comparison of dedicated and integrated Graphics Card

DescriptionIt is an external device that connects to the motherboardIt is an internal attachment that is connected to the motherboard or CPU.
Also referred to asDispersed GPU, also known as discrete graphic cardVideo on-board
GPUis the graphics processing unit (GPU)
RAMHas its own RAMMake use of the RAM in the system.
Power ConsumptionHigherLower
Processing powerTypically, they are higherUsually, they are lower

Which one should you choose?

It is contingent on the amount of power you will require for your graphic card. A majority of users who have modern computers for basic tasks such as surfing on the internet making documents, or watching films are able to do so with integrated graphics. 

If you plan to perform anything like gaming or 3D rendering, as well as editing videos, you’ll require the most robust graphics card that you can afford and a system that will be able to handle it.

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I hope this will help you compare and choose between integrated and dedicated graphics cards which is the best choice for your needs. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to talk about them in the comments below.

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