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How To Use The Fitness Cheat In The Sims 4

If you don’t use a cheat, leveling up your Sim’s fitness skill in The Sims 4 can be a real pain in the neck.

In order for our Sims to reach level 10 in any talent, including the fitness skill, it requires a lot of work and effort on their part. You are going to need to commit a portion of your day to physical activity and make it a daily habit to go to the gym.

On the other hand, if you use the cheat for fitness in The Sims 4, you can quickly advance to the level of an expert in this field.

The trick for fitness is essentially only one straight line. It is a part of the set of cheats that all relate to reaching the highest possible level in the game’s skills. There is a cheat available for achieving level 10 immediately in any skill, including Herbalism, Bartending, and Parenting.

Let’s get right into it and figure out how to make the fitness cheat in The Sims 4 work!

The Fitness Cheat In The Sims 4 Enabling Cheats

However, before you can use any cheat in The Sims 4, you will first need to turn on the corresponding function.

This can be accomplished quickly by pressing the keys on your keyboard in the following order: SHIFT + CTRL + C. Take into account that the specifics of this process will vary slightly depending on whether or not you are utilizing an Apple device or a console.

On a MAC, for instance, you’ll need to swap for the CMD key rather than the SHIFT key, and on a console controller, you’ll need to swap for the four triggers.

In the conversation box that appears once the cheat window opens, you will need to input “testing cheats true.” When you hit enter, a notice may display informing you that using cheats would prevent you from earning trophies while you are playing the game. You can choose to disregard it and continue with the fitness cheat if you are unconcerned about the potential outcomes.

Please watch this video if you are experiencing difficulty activating cheats in the game you are playing.

Fitness Cheat

As was mentioned before, all that is required to activate the fitness cheat in The Sims 4 is a single line of code: stats.set skill level Skill Fitness 10. It immediately brings your fitness level up to its maximum of 10 and grants you all of the perks that come along with it. You can use it on any Sim, and it will function properly every time.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to become an expert in this subject right away, you may easily utilize this variation of the trick, which is stats.set skill level Skill Fitness.

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If you choose to insert it in this manner instead, it will only bring your skill up one level. In addition to this, you will automatically advance to the next level if the final position is filled with any number between 1 and 10.

In this method, you will have control over the level of experience that your Sims will have in the fitness area. For example, stats. set skill level Skill Fitness 5.

The following is a list of every fitness ability in The Sims 4 along with the rewards gained from each and every one of them!

Level 1

  • Workout (workout equipment)
  • Go Jogging (Sim)
  • Swim Laps (swimming pool)

Level 2

  • Discuss Fitness Techniques (Sim)

Level 3

  • Endurance Run (treadmill)
  • Research Workout Tips (computer)

Level 4

  • Box (punching bag)
  • Heavy Lifting (workout machine)

Level 5

  • No Sweat Run (treadmill)
  • Make Protein Shake (bar)

Level 6

  • Show Off Muscles (Sim)

Level 7

  • Hill Challenge (treadmill)

Level 8

  • Epic Workout (workout machine)

Level 9

  • Practice Fighting (Sim)
  • Commando Training (punching bag)

Level 10

  • Mentor (Sim)


When it comes to grinding through the game’s material to reach level 10, the fitness hack, like the others, offers a simple and straightforward solution that makes the process go more quickly.

Because the presence of such options is known to make the experience more enjoyable for a significant number of players, we strongly suggest that you experiment with the hack.

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