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How To Use Mi Share: Cross-Device File Sharing In MIUI



While many people love to point out the benefits of purchasing the Android gadget over iPhone but they must acknowledge a very useful feature on iOS mobiles, and that’s AirDrop.

If you don’t know, AirDrop allows iPhone users to share media and files wirelessly with incredible speeds. Imagine a service like SHAREit with the exception of all the unwelcome advertisements and the fact that you’ll not need an app from a third party.

Smartphone manufacturers working on Android have tried before to compete with AirDrop but they’re not even close to AirDrop’s original cross-device file sharing feature, due to the many Android versions and the various manufacturers that are in the game.

Xiaomi however, on its own has managed to introduce an AirDrop-like feature in its most recent Android version MIUI 11.

Xiaomi “Mi Share” to allow sharing of files on non-Mi devices

As one of the best attributes in MIUI 11, Mi Share lets users send images, apps, music, etc. to compatible devices nearby.

At the moment, compatible devices currently only include Xiaomi or Redmi devices. However, the Mi Share feature will allow cross-device file sharing between devices that are from Oppo, Vivo, and Realme. Xiaomi has also urged other companies to sign up with the Inter-Transfer Alliance group.

How do I utilize Mi Share?

The occasional glitches do not diminish the efficacy in Mi Share which can share files with up to 20 Mbps per second. Here’s how you can utilize Mi Share on Xiaomi and Redmi devices:

Before I proceed I must warn you that Mi Share is only accessible to users who have upgraded the firmware on their Xiaomi smartphone to the most current MIUI 11 update.

  • Go to Xiaomi/Redmi device settings
  • Click on Connection and Share.
  • Open Mi Share and switch it on.
  • Choose a file from Mi’s file manager. Select a particular one on Mi file manager and then tap on Send
  • You must wait for the other device to show up under “Send things to.” Check that the Wireless and MiShare have been turned on to the second device and vice versa.
  • On another device, tap the “Accept” on the “Pop-up” window.

Mi Share for Windows and PC

Before you can get your hopes high, Unfortunately, Mi Share isn’t accessible for PCs. This is a huge disappointment since AirDrop allows iPhone customers to connect files between MacBooks.

Alternately, several useful apps let the wireless transmission of data between Android and PC.

The list of Xiaomi devices that do not support Mi Share

It is important to note the fact that some devices using MIUI 11 offer support for Mi Share. Here are some Xiaomi/Redmi models that don’t have MiShare support:

  • Redmi 6 Pro Redmi 6 Redmi 6A,
  • Redmi 7A, Redmi 7
  • Redmi Y2/S2

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