How To Play 1v1 Matches In Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty mobile game has made significant progress throughout its journey as a game, and now features various game modes that are popular among its well-deserved fanbase. One of them can be found in the 1v1 Duel game mode, which was launched at the end of the sixth season. 

The mode was only available for the Saloon map and it was the smallest COD Mobile map ever designed. But, the 1v1 mode has been removed from Call of Duty Mobile after some time, which made upset quite a few players who admired the game mode.

It is possible to take part in 1v1 battles within Call of Duty Mobile by playing in private rooms that are available on nearly all Multiplayer maps. We recommend that you play matches 1v1 on the smaller COD Mobile maps like Reclaim, Shipment 1944, Cage, Killhouse, and Rust.

How to Play 1v1 matches on Call Of Duty Mobile

Follow these simple instructions to participate in 1v1 games in the mobile game Call of Duty Mobile:

Note: The strategy described in this article permits you to play customized 1-on-1 matches in multiplayer. Contrary to one-on-one Duel game mode is a separate game mode, and was previously only available in private rooms, and elsewhere.

1. Start COD Mobile and select “Multiplayer”

2. Select the hamburger symbol at the top right-hand corner in your browser.

3. Select “PRIVATE” on the menu.

4. Choose your preferred game mode and map. Invite you and your friends to join you one-on-one.

When the player is in the room, click “Start” to begin playing 1v1 games on Call of Duty Mobile. Of course, creating customized rooms within COD Mobile to enjoy a 1v1 game requires some time. But, if you’d like to battle the other players to see who’s the best player, your efforts will be worth it.

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