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How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?



How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?

Blocking social media is an absolute disappointment. In the present situation, people are all dependent on social media in order to stay connected. So, being blocked could be a major blow to the mental state of a person.

Additionally, apps such as Snapchat don’t reveal to you when you’ve been blocked. They will only inform you when someone follows you. This allows you to be focused on the positive, instead of the negative.

If you discover that you’ve been banned on Snapchat Try to figure out which reason might be behind it. Do not attempt to contact someone who has multiple accounts as this can cause further problems. Keep your cool and you may come to understand the reason the person blocked you on Snapchat. There is a possibility that the person deleted their account recently or removed you from their Contact/Friend list.

In this article, we will attempt to clarify the distinction between an account that has been deleted and an account that is blocked you.

What is the difference between blocking and unblocked?

Being blocked by Snapchat Snapchat operates slightly differently than other social media platforms. A person who has been blocked won’t be able to determine if they’ve been blocked. 

It’s still going to appear that those who block them are close to them. They will be visible in the list of friends and chats, However, they won’t get any messages you’ve sent them. Also, you won’t have access to their stories or other content.

However, being removed from Snapchat is an entirely different thing. This means that the user has taken you off your Friends list. You may not be able to see the conversations you’ve had with the person. 

If you go through your friend lists, it’s unlikely to see them, however, you can still look for them and they will appear when you are familiar with their username.

What can you tell if someone block you from Snapchat?

1. Take a look at your recent conversations in chat with them.

If the chats you have had recently do not show up even though they’re being saved, there’s a possibility of the user having to delete their account or becoming blocked.

2. Try to contact them

If you’ve had a chat with them previously you could send them a photo. If you send it, and you see a pending or grey icon they might have removed you from their contact list. If you see a message saying “Failed to send your message You have to Tap for a second time to attempt’, they may have blocked you. But, Snapchat tries to hide the fact that you’ve been blocked. It will display all messages as delivered.’

3. You can search for them in your Friends list.

Log into your profile and choose My Friends to access the list of your friends. If they don’t show up it doesn’t mean they have blocked you. They may have taken you out of their Friend list, or removed the account they own.

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4. See whether you can read their stories

If the person you’re looking for often uploads their stories You might want to determine if you are able to view their posts or not. If you aren’t able to you, there’s a high chance you’ve been blocked.

5. Check to see whether you can see their Snapchat score

Only friends can view their Snapchat scores. If you’re not able to you, it’s likely that you’ve been blocked or removed from Snapchat.

6. Search their name using another profile

If you aren’t able to locate them, they might have deleted their accounts in order to ensure that you have another account to search for their username. If they show up this means they’ve deleted you, before blocking you.

Snapchat makes it difficult to determine if someone has actually has blocked your account or is not. I hope that this article has helped you in one way or another. Be cautious when contacting the person who blocked you. Consider the reason that you got blocked in the initial instance and avoid repeating the same mistake again.

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