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How to Have Triplets In Sims 4

The best location to discover how to have triplets in The Sims 4 is here. It is difficult to increase the chances of getting triplets in TS4.

Using a cheat is the only surefire method of achieving this goal. In the modern era, it is possible to produce many children in a natural way, but it is never a sure thing.

In any event, I’m going to talk about how to create triplets both naturally and through the use of artificial methods in this piece.

There are a variety of ways to approach the game, depending on how you choose to play.

This will be a piece of cake for you if you’ve been employing hacks in the past. To avoid using a cheat, here’s a legitimate method for creating a Sims 4 family with three children.

How To Have Triplets In Sims 4 Without Cheats?

Without cheating, there isn’t just one way to get pregnant with triplets. There are a variety of methods available to you for boosting the number of children your Sims can have. There is a larger probability of twins and triplets for your Sims who are more fertile.

In other words, how do you make Sims 4 more fertile? What you can do is as follows:

1. Purchase the Fertile Trait from the Rewards Store.

The Rewards Store offers a wide variety of items that you may buy with your points. Fertile is one among them, and it increases your Sim’s ability to bear children. There is a 3,000 satisfaction point cap on this ability. For triplets, it’s worth it to invest a little extra money.

Prior to beginning the process of conceiving a child, you should ensure that both of your Sims have this attribute installed. The chances of having twins or triplets are not guaranteed, but they are greatly increased.

2. Use the “On Ley Lines” lot trait from City Living.

There’s a DLC in Sims 4 that almost guarantees you’ll have triplets: City Living. Make sure to use this expansion pack if you own it.

It’s as simple as adding the “On Ley Lines” trait to your property. As a result, there is a far higher likelihood of conceiving multiples, including multiple sets of twins. Using this method won’t cost you anything as you already own the expansion pack.

3. Get a Fertility massage from Spa Day.

You can also give your Sim a “Fertility Massage” if you have the Spa Day game pack. A Fertility Boost Happy Moodlet lasts for 12 hours as a result of this massage. Consequently, the likelihood of producing twins or triplets is much higher if your Sim tries to get pregnant during these 12 hours.

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The best aspect is that you can use the Fertility Massage in conjunction with any other approach to boost your chances of getting pregnant.

4. Brew Elixir of Fertility from Outdoor Retreat

Outdoor Retreat is another DLC that offers a way to have triplets in Sims 4. All you need to do is brew the “Elixir of Fertility” and have your Sim drink it. To make the “Elixir of Fertility,” you’ll need: 

  • 1 Blackberry
  • 1 Dust Spirit
  • 2 False Morel
  • 3 Morel Mushroom

How To Have Triplets In Sims 4 With Cheats?

You will need to make use of a cheat in the modern version of The Sims 4 in order to have triplets. The specific steps that need to be taken to complete this task are outlined below.

  1. Enable cheats in your game.
  2. Use the sims.get_sim_id_by_name First Name Last Name cheat to get your Sim’s ID number.
  3. Use the pregnancy.force_offspring_count Sim ID here Number of babies cheat to set as many babies as you can. In this case, instead of “number of babies,” you’ll need to type “3”.
  4. You’re done!

The identical method can also be utilized in order to successfully conceive twins.


I really hope that this guide on having triplets in Sims 4 was helpful to you.

From my own personal experience, I can say that I have carried out these steps numerous times in the past. I have utilized cheaters, and I have tried all of the reproductive treatments that I described in the previous paragraph.

There is no question that using cheats is a quicker and simpler option, but it is still worthwhile to experiment with the methods, particularly if you do not wish to compromise the integrity of the game by using tricks.

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