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How to Have More Than 8 Sims per Household in Sims 4?

Is There A Mod/Way To Have More Than 8 Sims In A Household?

As many different families as you like can be made in The Sims 4. We can place them in tranquil communities, provide them with comfortable housing, and even arrange for them to take vacations.

However, there are times when the ideal family can’t be made because of a single ridiculous law: the maximum number of people allowed to live in one home. The Sims 4’s household limit can only be bypassed through modding.

For those who are new to The Sims 4 and are wondering, “How many Sims can be in a household?” the answer is 8. Some people enjoy having large families, which is why this rule is so frustrating to them.

Put another way, we’ve all had those moments where we wished we could play with families consisting of more than eight Sims. It’s entertaining and interesting without any negative consequences.

To solve this problem, we use a modification that raises the maximum number of people who can live in a single household in The Sims 4. That way, the castle can accommodate a larger population of humans, supernatural beings, and fantasy creatures such as ghosts, vampires, and mermaids.

Consequently, let’s get some training on this modification!

Sims 4 Household Limit Mod: An Overview

The Full House Mod is used to increase the maximum number of Sims 4 households. Being a widely used resource, you may already be familiar with it. The mod has been in the game since 2014, and TwistedMexi is credited as the mod’s creator. In other words, it’s still functional to this day, and we strongly advise you to use it.

This link will take you to the 2021 update of the Full House mod, which will allow you to add more than 8 Sims to your Sims 4 game.

How Do You Use The Full House Mod In Sims 4?

You shouldn’t worry if you don’t know where to begin. Get the mod itself by clicking the link above. The file needs to be copied to the Mods folder inside the main Sims 4 directory. Go to the game’s “Settings” menu, then “Other,” and enable the “Script Mods Allowed” option. And that’s it; the job is finished!

This modification to The Sims 4 raises the maximum number of residents per household to 24. While this may seem like a problem at first, we’ve found that 24 is sufficient for nearly all game modes. For the sake of ensuring that our hardware can handle having that many Sims online at once, the game’s designer has implemented this restriction.

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However, the mod has its own set of cheat commands that can be used to further adjust The Sims 4’s household limit. These are the ones I’m talking about:

  • tm.fullhouse “Kenny G” Williams – removes the “25 Sims per household” rule and lets you have as many Sims in your home as you want.
  • tm.fullhouse <firstname> <lastname> – adds one more Sim to your household.
  • tm.deletesim <firstname> <lastname> – lets you delete a Sim by only inserting the name.

How To House More Than 8 Sims In The Sims 4?

To have a large family is challenging, but the most difficult part is constructing a home large enough to accommodate everyone. Each Sim needs their own space in the house in order to feel comfortable and perform their daily tasks. You should avoid being a witness to strange behavior in confined spaces. It is also possible for a Sim to perish if they are trapped in a room from which there is no way out.

It follows that you should first consider increasing the size of your existing lot or searching for a different, larger lot. This is another area where Sims 4 has strict rules, but there are some options available.

And then there’s the matter of tailoring the house to the individual Sims’ tastes and preferences. These five suggestions for enhancing your structure are highly recommended if you’re having trouble. They can be very helpful, especially if you’re using the Sims 4 household limit mod.

Conclusion On Household Limit Mod For The Sims 4

One of the best additions to The Sims 4 is the Full Hosue mod. It’s pretty cool that you can have as many Sims as you want in your house, even if you have no intention of making a family of twenty.

This mod has been part of our gameplay from the very beginning, and it will remain so until the very end. So go ahead and stock up on more critters of all kinds (cats, dogs, aliens, vampires, etc.) Have fun with your virtual life!

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