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How To Get Xiangling In Genshin Impact (3 Ways)



Did you try playing as Xiangling among the wreckage of a building while you were looking for hidden ingredients and fell in love with her Pyro abilities and personality? There are many methods to gain access to it at no cost. This article will look at three methods to unlock Xiangling at no cost in Genshin Impact.

If you’re not yet able to complete the goal, Xiangling is a four-star Pyro character. You first meet her when you were completing the quest “Little Chef on the Hunt.” She’s among the most popular Pyro characters to support on the market.

How to get Xiangling in Genshin Impact?

1. From The Spiral Abyss

It is the Spiral Abyss realm that is available at Adventure Rank 20. It is located on an island that goes by the name of Musk Reef. In order to reach it, by climbing Galesong hills, you must solve a maze to trigger an upward wind current. You can then glide through and eventually reach the black hole before getting into the Abyss of Spiral.

A few players have also played with Kaeya’s Freeze feature to freeze water, and to forge routes, though it’s slow.

When you have reached the island, you can enter the Spiral Abyss. It is important to make sure you use maxed-out weapons and characters as it gets more difficult as you go through each chamber. We won’t go more into the abilities and abilities of characters that you are able to make use of. Then, you can begin the quest and complete the floor of 3 Chamber 3 to get Ziangling and other rewards.

2. From Paimon’s Bargains

If you’re not aware, Paimon’s Bargains is a part of the shop in the game that allows you to purchase characters with masterless starglitter. Although the shop is restricted to two characters per month, it’s updated each month. Xiangling was last seen in the store in July and January So keep an eye out for it.

3. Wishes

Wishes is probably one of the easiest methods to get Xiangling. However, to be eligible for Xiangling you must be listed on the banners of wishes and if she’s already there, it’s easy to obtain her because she’s a 4-star character. Many players looking for five-star characters end with a large number of duplicate characters.

You’ll require about 1600 Primogems for one goal. You can get them by completing opening chests, quests, performing commissions, as well as Mihoyo in themselves (from the game’s in-game notification system). If this post is less than twenty days old you will likely get Xiangling.

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