How To Force Quit Mac Apps In Mac OS X

A guide with six helpful methods for using built-in tools within Mac OS X for stopping Mac applications.

When you launch the application you’ve installed on your Mac computer, but you find that it isn’t responding to your actions. If this happens, it’s time to close that application. Do you have the knowledge to force-quit the program on Mac?

Whatever your level of expertise you can follow these simple techniques, and you’ll be able to force quit applications on your Mac quickly. In this post, I’ll discuss six ways to force shut down applications that are running on the Mac computer. These methods will work on every version of Mac OS X.

Six Methods to Learn How to quit Mac Programs

I’ve collected these great methods from the Internet and put together this post to help you learn how to quit the application you are using in Mac OS X, with the keyboard shortcuts, your mouse, and Apple’s menus or Terminal.

After you have read this article, let me know if you’ve come across a better and more efficient way to force apps to stop working on Mac OS X, let me know by leaving an email below or using this contact page. I’ll be updating this article to ensure it is more useful.

Force Quit Mac Apps With Force Quit Applications

It’s the only one that’s simple to apply to stop programs by using just a few steps:

  1. Press Command Option Esc Key to start ” Force Quit Applications “.
  2. Select the program that will not respond to your actions in the drop-down menu.
  3. Select”Force Quit. ” Force Quit” button.
  4. The program will come to an end as soon as possible.

Force Quit an Active Mac App with Keyboard Shortcut

You can also force-quit an application that is running in Mac by pressing holding the Command Option Shift Esc Hold the button for a few seconds until the program will close.

Force to quit a program on Mac From The Dock

This is yet another method of closing any unresponsive apps on Mac. All you have to do is the following steps:

  1. Right-click the app you wish to quit from in the dock (Mac’s dock) on the lower left of your screen.
  2. Press Alt (or Option ) and then click ” Force Quit “” from the menu.
  3. The application that was selected will be automatically close, without warnings or confirmations.

Force To Quit A Program On Mac From The Menu

To force quit an application from the Apple menu Press and hold Shift press the key on your keyboard and then hit your keyboard, and then click on the Apple logo > the Force Quit key on your keyboard. For instance: Force Quit Finder.

Force Quit Mac Apps With Activity Monitor

To force-quit, any program on your Mac PC, simply open the Activity Monitor (also called Task Manager Mac) and select the program you’d like to shut down, and click the ” Force Quit” button.

End a Running Application Terminal

If you’re not keen to utilize the methods described above (even though these methods are more straightforward) start by opening the Terminal application (under Applications > Utilities> Terminal) and then use one of the two commands below:

  • killall killall. For instance killingall Finder to force quit Finder.
  • kill 9 [pid]. For example: kill -9 to make it impossible to quit Finder.

I hope this article can aid you in learning more about how to force-quit Mac applications by using shortcuts, and also terminal commands. If you have additional queries, you can leave a comment below.

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