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How to fix ‘iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message’ error



iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message

iMessage connects family, friends as well as colleagues seamlessly. 

When you’re planning to send a message, you may see a pop-up telling you that iMessage must be activated in order to transmit this text.

This typically happens following the update of your phone.

Don’t worry! 

Here are some tried and tested solutions to solve this problem and begin enjoying iMessage once more on the iPhone and iPad.

1. Make sure iMessage is turned on

  1. Start Settings and scroll down and then tap messages..
  2. Make sure that the button on IMessage is on green, and there’s no message beneath it, like iMessage is waiting to be activated.

If iMessage is active We can proceed to the next fixes.

2. Disable and enable Airplane mode.

This is an easy and quick option to try before attempting other more complex solutions.

Tap down from the top left of the screen to access Control Center

If you own an iPhone with the home button, you can swipe upwards from the lower part left. 

Then, tap for the Airplane icon. It will turn orange. After 30 seconds, tap again to disable it.

3. Force to close the Messages app.

Following the previous steps (Airplane mode switched on as well as switch it off), force-quit the Messenger application. 

For this to be done, use the App Switcher app on your iPhone.

If you have an iPhone using Face ID Then, swipe upwards from the bottom, and then hold. 

If you have a Home button, you can quickly double press it. It will show all currently running apps. 

You can close the Messages app by moving its card up. 

In about 15 minutes you can open the Messages app and attempt sending the message.

4. Check the status of iMessage servers

In some cases, there are instances where the issue may not be your fault but rather Apple’s. 

For a quick check, go on their system status page and if you notice a green dot in front of iMessage this is a great sign. 

If it’s red or yellow, it means that iMessage is down as well. Apple is working on the solution.

It could take anywhere from just a few minutes or several hours for the system to be back to normal.

5. Restart your iPhone

This easy solution can be very helpful for solving a variety of issues, such as “iPhone is unable to send a message because iMessage must be turned on.’ 

To restart your iPhone make use of the buttons to turn it off, then after a while you can turn it back on.

6. Disable and enable iMessage on Settings

If iMessage is enabled, your iPhone could say “iMessage needs to be turned on for this to be sent. In this case, switching iMessage off, and then turning it back on will fix the issue.

  1. Open Settings and tap Messages.
  2. Toggle off iMessage.
  3. Start your phone.
  4. Follow this step and turn the switch on iMessage and then switch it off.

7. Delete stuck message or conversation

Sometimes, getting rid of the unfinished, unresolved messages from conversations could aid in clearing the way for messages to be delivered successfully.

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To do this, start the messages app and navigate into your chat

Press the long-press button to send the message, then erase the message. 

Try sending another message. If it doesn’t work, then delete the entire conversation, and then try to send the message again.

Alternatively, Sometimes, you might not be capable of sending messages to certain contacts. 

Send it to other contacts to discover. 

If that happens, you can take the steps listed below. It is also helpful to contact the recipient to make sure they have the correct iMessage settings are in order.

8. Log off of Apple ID and sign in once more.

  1. Click on iPhone Settings and tap your name at the top.
  2. Scroll down until the bottom and tap Sign Out..
  3. Make sure to restart your device.
  4. Navigate to the Settings and then tap Register on the right.
  5. After logging in After that, open iMessage and check whether it is working correctly.

9. Reset network settings

It won’t erase personal information such as photos, apps music, or other data. But it will reset all network settings to default settings.

  1. Open iPhone Settings and tap General.
  2. From the lower part from the bottom, tap Reset from the bottom..
  3. Click Reset Network Settings and then proceed.

If a network reset doesn’t result in any success You can try to reset all settings. It won’t erase any personal data, only the settings you’ve altered like Wi-Fi Bluetooth, VPN, notifications, and more.

10. Send an SMS instead of iMessage when you call support

In the end, if you are unable to resolve your issue, contact Apple Support. 

If you do would like for the text message to be sent, consider sending it using an ordinary SMS instead of using iMessage.

I hope that the solutions above will help you resolve the iMessage issue. 

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to connect with us via the comment section below.

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