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How To Enable Free Build Mode In Sims 4?

Ask any seasoned Simmer what they dislike most about the construction aspect of The Sims 4, and they will likely mention the game’s annoying restrictions. And there are a plethora of them to be found in the game!

A lot’s dimensions, for instance, are set in stone and cannot be altered in any way, shape, or form. Nothing can be done to change those facts. What about the optional free build in Sims 4, though? I don’t see how this helps anything.

In The Sims 4, there is a mode known as “free build” that allows you to modify any home or lot you want, size restrictions and all. Free Build Cheat is required to modify certain areas, such as the University dorms. Now you can alter their appearance and make it your own.

This cheat is not limited to university dormitories; it can be used for any other similarly styled structure. Any “special” lot in The Sims 4, including vacation and secret lots, can be modified using the free build cheat.

More than that, in the free build mode, you can change the way your career structures look as well. You can use this cheat to alter the appearance of the police station in The Sims 4 if your Sim is a detective. With enough user-generated content, the environment can be made to appear much more realistic than before.

That said, let’s talk about how you can activate the free build mode in Sims 4 and all the cheats you need!

How To Enable The Free Build Mode In Sims 4?

In TS4, activating the free build option is actually a relatively straightforward process. If this is your first time using this cheat, make sure to follow all of the procedures in the instructions!

1. Enable cheats in your game.

Before using any cheat in Sims 4, you have to make sure that cheats are enabled in your game first. To do this, simply press your SHIFT + CTRL + C buttons on your keyboard. On a Mac, the CTRL button should be Command. And on a controller, the 4 back triggers should do the trick.

Once the command console pops up (in the top right corner of your screen), type the following cheatline “testingcheats true”. After typing, hit Enter. And you should receive this message “Cheats are enabled”

2. Insert the free build cheat.

Once cheats are enabled, proceed by adding another cheat in the command console box. The free build mode cheatline is “bb.enablefreebuild”. And when you hit Enter to activate it, you’ll receive this message “Free build mode is enabled”. 

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3. Use the free build mode.

You can alter the appearance of numerous lots in the game while the free build cheat is enabled. In addition to the dorms at universities, there are additional sites like the Magic HQ in Realm of Magic, and others can be found here.

4. Disable the free build mode.

When you finish editing your lot with the free build cheat, it’s always advised to turn the mode off. To do that, open the command console again by pressing SHIFT + CTRL + C. Then, type “testingcheats off” or “testingcheats false” in the dialogue bar and hit Enter. You’ll see that cheats are now disabled in your game.


Enabling the free build in Sims 4 is actually rather straightforward. Enabling cheats and adding the “bb.enablefreebuild” cheatline is all that is required. A free build option is still a useful tool for most simmers, despite the fact that it isn’t the best answer for truly “free construction” in the game.

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