How to Download YouTube Video Thumbnail

Sometimes, you might find yourself compelled to make YouTube thumbnails

These thumbnails are essential for anyone looking to give viewers an impression of what they’ll be viewing. 

The most successful content creators take the full benefit of thumbnails. 

Instead of employing standard images, it’s always recommended to create customized thumbnails for your personal videos.

How do I download YouTube Thumbnails?

The YouTube Video Thumbnails can be downloaded in a matter of minutes without any additional software. The process is simpler than you think. This article should assist in obtaining the thumbnails you’re looking for in your unique YouTube video:

  1. Start the preferred video on YouTube
  2. Find and copy the ID for the video from the URL.
  3. Input the ID into this URL (Mentioned Later)
  4. A YouTube Thumbnail will be displayed
  5. Right-click the image and choose Save the image to.
  6. YouTube Video Thumbnail YouTube Video Thumbnail will be saved to your computer.

Start the preferred video on YouTube

The first thing to do is go to the exact address of the YouTube video that is linked to the thumbnail that you would like to see. You can do this by visiting YouTube and then searching for the video using the search box. Select it from the results of your search.

Find and copy the ID for the video.

The problem is that the ID of the video isn’t the complete URL but only a part of the URL. It is actually the 11th character of the URL. Moreover, it appears just following the equal symbol.

Therefore, in the bar for URLs, search at an ID then highlight it, then copy it onto your Windows 11/10 clipboard.

View and save the thumbnail

After you have copied the ID that is linked by the film, you’ll be required to add it to the URL below:


If you have the ID Y35g9f9w7gA The final URL will look like the one below:


Copy the new URL, and then paste it into the URL bar. Then, press the Enter key and then watch as the thumbnail appears at the top of your display.

Right-click, and then hit Save Image you’re running Microsoft Edge. Other browsers might have a different name but they’re not that different.

Can I take screenshots of YouTube thumbnails?

Yes, you can but it’s not going to provide any benefit as the images will be tiny due to the low resolution. In addition, the professional appearance and feel you want is not a consideration. 

In addition that the site does not provide users with a method to download thumbnails, which means even if you’re not eager to ask creators to provide the thumbnails of their creations the way we’re accomplishing this will simplify your life.

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