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How to Determine if You Have Text Message Blocking on You



In 2021, texting will be the main form of communication, whether you’re using standard SMS or a more sophisticated app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Texting is a simpler and more direct way of communication than calling, whether you’re conversing with your friends in a group chat or informing your parents about your new job.

Of course, there may be times when you have to block a number that you don’t want to receive texts from, or when a person stops responding to your texts and you start to worry whether they have blocked you. Although every phone is unique, there is a detailed manual on number blocking available.

It is a never-ending task to navigate the diverse spectrum of social norms and shifting behaviours of friends and connections. We have been able to modify our routines, communication styles, and what irritates or pleases us very quickly thanks to social media. You’re in the minority if you can keep up with it all. You are not alone if you occasionally find yourself perplexed by what is happening in the globe.

We are all aware that you may prevent a phone number from contacting or texting you, but how do you know if someone has stopped you from texting them only?

You most certainly aren’t the only one who has wondered about this. Let’s examine whether or not you can determine whether someone has blocked you from texting them.

Can You Tell If Your Texts Have Been Blocked?

Can you know if someone inhibits your ability to send texts, first and foremost?

Unfortunately, you won’t ever receive a notification that you’ve been blacklisted if you use normal SMS on your phone. There aren’t any apps that (as is standard in the digital era) deliver a loud beeping message that indicates, “You’ve been blocked.” Of course, there are several telltale indicators that the recipient has blocked your phone number.

There are a few things you may do to see whether you’ve been blocked if someone isn’t responding to your texts. Remember that banning a cell phone number behaves much like having your phone disconnected or changed. It’s possible that your buddy or contact simply updated their phone number without telling you.

Additionally, it is not possible to filter SMS without also blocking phone calls. There may be another problem if you can phone someone but their messages are marked as “Undelivered” (the good news is that they didn’t block your number, though).

Let’s look at the indications that you are blocked.

Depending on the details of your most recent communication, you might have been blocked if your contact said something to the effect of “I’m blocking you!” and you are now unable to get a response to your texts.
Their social media pages are hidden from view – Take a look at their social media profiles before you get furious. They’ve blocked you if you can’t find their profile on Facebook, Instagram, or another site they frequently use. When someone blocks someone else, they are likely to do so across all channels of contact.
Try phoning the person from a different number to see if you can get through using someone else’s phone number. If an error message appears, the phone is probably disconnected. If the call is successful, you have been blocked.
The Read Receipts — This is compatible with recent Android and iPhone models. If the contact has enabled read receipts, you may quickly tell if you’ve been blocked by looking at the message receipts.
If you are unable to receive SMS, there are several grounds to believe that someone has blocked them. Knowing the things on the above list is a wonderful place to start.

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Technology is not flawless. Someone can be wholly outside of the service or network region. Before you get to any conclusions, try some troubleshooting. Your texts might not be received for a variety of reasons.

Users of iPhones should take advantage of the super useful iMessage feature. To make sure SMS is enabled in Settings, see if you can reach an Android device. Your phone just won’t be able to send an iMessage to an Android.

Users of Android – Removing your phone number from iMessage if you previously owned an iPhone and switched to an Android device is a good idea. Your OS upgrade could be confusing the system, resulting in people missing text messages.

Verify the Contact Verify the phone number in your contacts to see if the area code is present. the message once more after that.

On an iPhone, ScreenTime is probably the cause if someone is receiving your calls but not your messages. You may schedule the times your phone’s messaging system operates thanks to this useful feature. A friend may have ScreenTime set up if you can’t text them.

If you call the number and get the message “number unobtainable,” you may have been blocked, but it’s also possible that there was a network issue. Depending on the network, the actual message varies, however it may say something like, “Sorry, the number has not been completed as called.” Sprint users were unable to connect with Verizon users, for example, due to network issues. Call your service provider, attempt to reach a contact who also uses that carrier, or wait a few days.

You might have been blocked if you can still call other numbers normally but can’t get through to anyone.

Chat apps vs. text messages

When delivering SMS, cell networks are not set up to transmit a report back to the sender. When mobile devices initially started requesting data in addition to voice, the data layer was added to the legacy voice layer. The kind of feedback required to let you know if your message was delivered or not was never built into cell networks.

When you send a text message, the message is first written and sent on your phone, after which the phone’s operating system bundles it so the cell network can comprehend it. In order to keep track of how many SMS you have sent for billing purposes, the nearest receiving cell tower acknowledges your message and adds a mark to your account. The cell network only has that feedback method accessible for now.

Networks for messaging created specifically for this purpose include Telegram, WhatsApp, and iMessage. Before constructing their network, they had the advantage of having a well-defined strategy, and “feedback to sender” was one of the essential components that they all aimed to incorporate.

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While chat networks may be designed from the ground up with the primary objective in mind, cell networks evolved. Because of this, when you send messages using these apps, you see the words “Delivered” or “Read.” Additionally, it explains why independent chat apps frequently provide more functionality and a better user experience than SMS messaging programs that are pre-installed.

Although you can access your mobile provider’s data network, the chat app owns the servers that govern the communications.

How Does Phone Blocking Operate?

There aren’t many ways to figure out if someone has stopped responding to your texts. You might try contacting them using WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, Snapchat, Facebook, or another service that lets you communicate with people using your phone number.

Send the person a message on a different platform to see whether they respond. If you see a message that says “Delivered” or anything similar but receive no response, they are likely ignoring you.

The person who blocked you is unaware that an effort was ever made to contact them. The process of blocking someone on a newer phone is as simple as clicking on the contact or phone number and selecting “Block Caller.”

Questions and Answers

It can be really uncomfortable to not know if you have been blocked or not. We have further information here if you have additional queries.

If I block a number or text message, will someone still be able to see it?

No, not if you’re in a group with someone who you’ve blocked or who has blocked you and you’re using SMS or even iMessage. Both their phone number and the messages they send are hidden from view.

Is it possible to send a message to someone who has been blocked?

Even if you have been blocked, there are many other ways to contact someone, just not by phone. You can SMS them through a third-party app, switch your phone number, or message them on social media.

Can I send a text with *67?

Based on our experiments in 2021, each time we sent a *67 text message using different phones on different carriers, we were informed that the phone number was invalid.

It may still be possible and there’s no harm in trying because there may be limitations on spamming other people’s phone numbers, so this may be the case. Simply start a new text message and dial the number with the prefix *67. Your mobile device will send

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