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How To Clear My Browsing History In Firefox



In the same way that other browsers do, Firefox stores information about the sites you visit, files you download, and other actions you do when browsing the web. All of this information is kept securely and confidentially so that you may review how you wasted your day online whenever you like.

Whether you use Firefox on a desktop computer or a mobile device, this article will show you how to delete your browser history.

When you delete your history, you may start over without leaving a digital footprint. Useful if you’ve gone to the wrong website and don’t want it to show up in your browser’s history. On the other hand, there may be times when you don’t want Firefox to record your private downloads.

In any case, deleting Firefox’s history is a breeze on desktop and mobile. In a matter of seconds, you can eliminate it.

How do I delete my Firefox browsing history?

How to Clear Firefox History on a PC

Launch Firefox and access the menu by clicking the three horizontal lines symbol in the upper right corner.

2. Click on “Settings.”

3. Click on “Privacy & Security.”

4. Select “Clear History” from the History drop-down menu.

5. Choose the time period you’re interested in, then select “Browsing & download history” and “OK.”

How to clear mobile Firefox browsing history

1. To access the vertical ellipsis (three dots) in the Firefox browser’s bottom right corner, click here.

2. Choose the “Settings” option. Alternately, you may click the trash can symbol and confirm the deletion by selecting “History” and wiping your entire browser history, cache, and cookies.

3. Select “Delete browsing data” from the drop-down menu in “Settings.”

4. To remove your browsing history and other data, go to “Settings” and then “Privacy.”

5. To permanently remove your browsing history, select the “Delete” button.

Our tutorial on erasing your browsing history in the Firefox desktop and mobile browsers is now complete.

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