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How To Check Your Valorant Purchase History



Valorant Purchase History

We’ve seen it all before when there’s a brand new skin released in Valorant. You love it, and you want to buy it however, it’s expensive, and you decide to buy it. 

There are those who do not hesitate in making additions to the Valorant purchase history and purchasing every fresh Valorant skin bundle, either out simply joy or simply the idea of having every skin Valorant offers.

But, as they go through the process there are a lot of players who seem to disappear and add massive amounts of money to the valuation purchase history. So that it’s difficult to keep track of. 

If you’re one of the players who love to collect all skin and other cosmetics available in Valorant and want to know the amount you’ve spent on Valorant skin bundles, we’ll immediately discuss the best way to check the history of your purchases from Valorant using the

You can check the amount you’ve spent on Valorant

To make the process more simple and easy for all users, Riot has a support page on their website where you can review your Valorant purchase record. Follow these steps to determine the amount you’ve spent on Valorant.

  1. Visit the Valorant Support page.
  2. Log into your account at Valorant.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, click “Get My History of Purchases.”
  4. Your valuable purchase history is displayed there on your computer screen with every minute information.

The site will provide information about each purchase you’ve made with Valorant as well as the sum you spent on each. However, the history of purchases will not provide information about the items you bought.

Additionally, this page of purchase histories will provide information about the payment methods you’ve employed each time you’ve made a purchase in Valorant. If you can’t resist spending money on skins and skins in Valorant and are unable to keep track This is the solution you need.

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