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How To Add Music To Your Facebook Profile And Stories?



Certain people prefer to express themselves via songs they love instead of writing their entire personality down within 101 characters (Yep! it’s the maximum character count of Facebook bios).

Happily, Zuckerberg allows you to include music on Your profile. Fortunately, Facebook allows you to add music to your profile. You can have several songs uploaded to your Facebook profile. You can pin one song to your profile, which is then visible directly over your profile’s bio on Facebook.

When we talk about music on Facebook we should not overlook the possibility to incorporate music into Facebook stories too. Since you can choose to make your photos come alive and make them more engaging, why not take advantage of them?

How do I add music to my Facebook profile?

It is vital to know that the songs you upload on your profile are made public even if you’ve restricted your posts to only being accessible to your close friends.

  1. Install the Facebook app on Android as well as iOS.
  2. Log into your Facebook account.
  3. Go to “What’s on your mind” field. Just below it, there’s the “Photos, Avatars, Life Events” tab.

4. Move left until you can see the Music option, then tap on it.

5. Tap the + icon located in the upper right-hand part on Facebook’s Facebook Music page.

6. Find your favorite track and then tap the “Add” button right next to it. This will add the song on the profile of your FB profile.

7. If you’d like to save the song then go back on the page Music, and tap on the triple-dot symbol right beside the song you love.

8. Click on “Pin to profile”

Now, you will find your most liked song in front of your Facebook profile. Click on the triple-dot symbol just next to the pinned song to remove the song, or remove it from the pin.

If you wish to delete the music from your Facebook profile return to the Music page on Facebook Click on the icon with the triple dots beside the track. Then click on “Delete song from profile.”

This feature is available only for Facebook Mobile users. That is, Facebook desktop users can include music on their Facebook profile, nor check out the songs that have been posted on the profile of someone else.

How can I add music in Facebook stories?

Once you’ve uploaded a song to your profile on Facebook. Go to the Music page, then tap on the triple-dot icon beside the song Click on “Add to Story.”

Another way to incorporate music into the Facebook story is to follow the steps below

1. Click on the “Create story” card on your Facebook home page.

2. Click on the music card

3. Find a song, then tap it

4. Select a picture in your Gallery or background that you think will be in tune with the music story you want to tell

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5. Tap on “Share to Story”

Contrary to music posted to the Facebook profile music stories can be played on a desktop.

That’s how you can let people know about your favorite songs and be yourself in the most authentic way. Let us know what songs you’ve pinned to your Facebook profile. You can do this in the comments below.

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