Google bashes iMessage with Drake’s “Texts Go Green”

Tech titans like Apple and Google. You wouldn’t expect one to take a swipe at the other publicly and through Drake.

Google has ‘pressured’ Apple to adopt GSMA’s RCS communications system. Google’s pitch includes Twitter threads and oblique digs at I/O 2022.

The texts turned green.

Drake just released his seventh studio album titled ‘Honestly, Nevermind,’ which includes a song titled “Toxic,” which is about a relationship that is unhealthy. The social media team at Google did not waste any time and instantly leaped on the opportunity to hit Apple’s iMessage with the song “Texts Go Green.”

The chorus of this song discusses what occurs when an iPhone user bans another user on iMessage: the service changes to SMS, and the blocked users are no longer able to communicate with each other via iMessage. As a result, the color of the text changes from blue to green while using iMessage (for SMS).

In the video, Google did not pull any punches when it claimed that the occurrence of blue letters turning green is difficult and that this is true not just for those who get banned but even for people who do not use iPhones. The article went on to say that if only Apple had a “very skilled technical staff,” they would be able to remedy the problem.

Google made the observation that “They only have to implement RCS, actually,” noting that doing so would also make texting more secure.

What is RCS messaging?

On Android devices, Rich Communication Services, often known as RCS, is a new messaging system that is designed to eventually replace SMS. It comes loaded with incredible features and gives customers access to a wealth of convenient services.

No matter how many hints Google drops, it seems unlikely that Apple will adopt RCS in the future. However, if Apple does adopt RCS in the future, it will lead to equality in messaging between Apple and Android users, with additional features such as read receipts, end-to-end encryption, typing indicators, and other similar features.

Fans on social media are loving the “subtle war” between the two companies since it is not every day that you see two heavyweight firms taking shots at one another. Many of these users are also eager for Apple to provide a reaction to the video that was posted online.

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