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Fortnite Is Already Shutting Down In China



The battle royale game that is so popular Fortnite will be shut down in China in the near future. This announcement comes shortly following the announcement that the online multiplayer game was released in China as a “test” earlier.

Naturally, the completion of the Fortnite test could effectively eliminate Epic Games’ cult game from China. This is in line with the Chinese government’s recent trend of clamping down on popular games.

The notice on the official website stated a scheduled shutdown date for Fortnite servers in the month of November. According to the notice the website will cease registration for new users and will also stop downloads at 11 am on November 1st, 2021. Additionally, those who are already registered will be cut off from support from the server at 11 am on November 15, 2021. The game will be unavailable in the nation.

In case you weren’t aware that Fortnite’s Chinese version is very unlike the one you can find across the world. There are some welcome improvements, such as that there are no microtransactions as all items are unlocked via the game’s actions. However certain changes, such as the shorter battle royale games that are tweaked to make them more enjoyable and informal, may not be a hit with all players.

The notice for Fortnite’s shutdown did not include any data from the testing phase. Additionally, it didn’t say whether the game would get an official launch in China within the next few months. But, considering how much the government is determined to fight gaming addiction, the odds of the game’s revival appear low.

Do you have a view about the Chinese Government’s measures to curb gambling addiction? Do you think they’re sensible or excessive? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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