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[Fixed] Minecraft Black Screen issue on Windows



Fix Minecraft Black Screen issue on Windows

Minecraft’s black screen problem is a typical issue that is instantly experienced when playing Minecraft on a PC. Many players have experienced this issue most often when trying to log into Minecraft. 

It can make the home screen unresponsive, hindering the performance of the game. If you’re a player and would like to eliminate this issue from your system take a look at this short guide.

There are several factors to blame for the Minecraft black screen problem on the system. The cause could be an antivirus program that is third-party or a driver that is not working, a change in the graphics settings including 3D display mode SLI model, or the fact that Java is not compatible with archives. 

The easiest way to fix the Minecraft black screen issues is to use the compatibility mode or fix the driver that is broken. Another resolution option is using the CTRL+ALT+DEL shortcut. Let’s look at the options in greater detail.

Here’s How to solve the Minecraft black screen problem for Windows 10

Here are some simple solutions to resolve the Minecraft black screen problem on Windows 10

1. Uninstall any third-party antivirus

The basic operation of many applications can be affected by the usage of third-party antivirus applications. Sometimes, it stops Minecraft as well as other games from functioning properly. This is why the black screen may appear when the game begins to play. games.

If you are experiencing Minecraft black screen issues Your first step is to look into the antivirus software. Also, check if its blockage is affecting the Minecraft game, or not installed on your computer. 

To find out, make sure you add Minecraft to the list of exclusions from antivirus and verify. If you’re sure that the antivirus is running blocking Minecraft Uninstall and then restart the antivirus program. After that, you can try running Minecraft on your PC once more.

Take these steps in order to deinstall this antivirus application:

  • In the beginning, you must start by opening the Control Panel and then select from the program and features category.
  • Select the antivirus program you have installed from the list, then click on the Remove button.
  • Click uninstall to delete all of this software.

NOTE: You can use the built-in Windows Defender application to protect your system from an attack on this malicious file.

If uninstalling the third party does not help in resolving the problem, then try the next method.

2. Turn off the 3D Mode Feature

In the event that your Minecraft game is still unable to play because of being black, the issue could be due to Settings modifications. 

Based on various user viewpoints, disabling 3D Display in the Settings application might resolve this problem. Here’s how:

  • Click the Win and then the I shortcut to open the Settings.
  • Click here to go into in the System category.
  • In the Display section, switch onto the left pane. Then scroll the cursor down and click the Advanced settings for display.
  • Find the 3D display modeand enable this option.
  • Then, restart the tool and see if you can tell if the Minecraft Black Screen issue is resolved or not.
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Notice: The 3D Display Mode isn’t compatible with all computers. If this option isn’t available on your computer or is unable to resolve the issue, you can try the following solution.

3. Turn off the SLI mode.

In general, it is that the SLI feature can be a valuable instrument to improve the performance of your system. 

But, it could result in a variety of issues. If you have multiple graphics cards when you are in SLI mode, this could cause the Minecraft black screen issue. 

With the ability to disable the SLI mode, you can fix this issue. So you can play Minecraft without interruption.

4. Deactivate Stereoscopic 3D feature

A majority of graphics cards have Stereoscopic 3D technology, however, a few games can’t use this technology. In the end, the issue starts to appear. If this option is turned on this causes Minecraft black screen issues. 

The most effective way to resolve this issue is:

Visit the Control panel and verify the installed graphics card in your system. 

If it is found, you can disable the card. Try running your Minecraft game once more. Make sure that this time there is no issue with the black screen.

5. You can try a new archiver software

The issue is solved using this Windows Zip application. 

The issue, as a rule, occurs with the Java version. 

When you try a Java-oriented file, you must let the process remove the file.

6. The game can be played in compatibility mode

When playing the game, you may have to switch to compatibility mode can cause the Minecraft black screen problem on your computer. 

Compatibility mode is an integrated option that comes with Windows 10. 

It allows you to run previous applications that may not be compatible with Windows 10. Windows OS. 

Here are the steps to follow

  • Open Cortana and enter Minecraft. Once again, click on the match option to launch the Minecraft file.
  • Right-click the icon and choose the Properties in the contextual menu.
  • Select from the compatibility tab and then tick the checkbox for ” Run this program in compatibility mode for” .
  • Click the down cursor to open the dropdown menu. Choose your preferred version of OS and then click the Apply and OK button.
  • When the job is completed Try playing Minecraft again. Then, check whether the issue was solved or not.

7. Use Ctrl + Alt + Del shortcut

If you’re experiencing the Minecraft black screen issue that persists to stay on the Home Screen, give this alternative a shot. 

This is the complete method:

  1. Begin the Minecraft game in the same way as you normally would.
  2. When the black screen pops up and you see the black screen, hit the Ctrl, Alt and Delkey .
  3. Now, click to the Cancel button to return to your Windows screen.
  4. When the main screen for the game pops up, then play the game with no hassle.
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Note If the above solution is helpful to you, try this shortcut when you see a black screen that keeps crashing the game.

8. Game play with an integrated GPU

A majority of computers include integrated as well as dedicated graphics inbuilt. dedicated graphics are always superior to integrated. 

If you’re using dedicated graphics this could result in problems with the Minecraft black screen problem.

If the issue is due to dedicated graphics attempt to run Minecraft using the built-in graphics on your computer. 

For this to be done, a right-click of the shortcut, and then select ” Run with graphics processor“.

If this method works it is necessary to make use of the default graphics for Minecraft and then change your dedicated Graphics as soon as you can.

NOTE: This is just a temporary fix. If the issue is fixed the issue could come back in the future on your computer.

9. Reinstall the graphics card drivers

General In general, a damaged or outdated graphics card driver could also trigger the Minecraft black screen issue when playing. 

To resolve this issue you must uninstall this driver, and then reinstall the same one again. The process is simple simply follow the following steps.

  • Hit the Win logo and an X hotkeys to open Start.
  • Choose the Device Manager from the drop-down menu.
  • Find the driver for the graphics card and then expand it.
  • Right-click the device and choose to select the Remove device option.
  • Select on the uninstall button to allow the modifications.
  • Once the driver has been deleted, you can click to the Scan for changes to the hardware icon.
  • Go to the official site that is run by the maker. Here you can download the latest version of the driver for graphics devices in accordance with your system’s architecture.
  • After the process has been completed make sure to check if Minecraft problem with the black screen still present.

Notice: The default settings of the driver for your device are not optimized by default. Therefore, it could cause issues with your system.

The Minecraft black screen issue is quite troublesome However, most of the time they are caused by your setting or driver. It is now possible to deal with Minecraft’s black screen issues by using our solutions.

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