[Fixed] Err_Internet_Disconnected Error In Google Chrome

Err_Internet_Disconnected error message is the common error in Google Chrome, which happens when you browsed the Internet but didn’t go through, for some reason. If you get this issue, the browser will not permit you to go through and access any websites through the Google Chrome browser.

According to my research, some reasons can be caused by the Err_Internet_Disconnected error in Google Chrome. This is why you must identify the root cause of the error, and what’s the reason, and then choose the best solution to correct it. It’s not difficult to fix it. It’s just a matter of finding out the causes and determining which aren’t the cause Then, eventually, the cause will be identified.

Fix Err_Internet_Disconnected Error In Google Chrome

In essence, if you get this error message along with the message ” Unable to connect to the Internet” It is likely that something was not right in the Internet connection. It could be that the Internet has been cut off or disconnected. This means that you need to determine the source who caused the error.[right-related slug=”how-to-clear-cookies-and-cached-files-in-google-chrome”]

The first thing to take is to figure out the source of the error. You know, the Err_Internet_Disconnected error message belongs to Google Chrome. Therefore, you can use alternative internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Opera to browse the exact same site that you were trying to access using Google Chrome. Google Chrome. If there’s no error and you are able to access the site in a normal manner The reason originates from using your Google Chrome browser.

In this scenario in this situation, you should try to delete all cached and cookie-related files in your web browser. In some cases, cookies and cached files could temporarily shut down your Internet connection temporarily. By deleting these files, you will fix the Err_Internet_Disconnected error that prevents you from accessing the Internet.

If, however, you are inaccessible to the website with other browsers, there is a problem in your network settings, router, or your computer, or maybe the Internet cable may be damaged.

So, how do we solve these issues? Do not worry, just follow my example!

The next thing to do is use another device or computer that has the same connection to the internet (your cabled or wireless router) and verify if the Internet connection is accessible or not.

If you are unable to connect to the Internet on any other computer or device, please check your wireless router. Your network could be down temporarily due to reasons. If this happens it is recommended to disconnect the power cable from it, then wait for a few minutes, and then connect it back in. 

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If the issue persists, contact your ISP and they will send someone to your house to examine the Internet cable and your router. Be sure that you aren’t trying to tackle this on your own as there are numerous unidentified issues you have to take care of. I’m not even sure!

But, at times your network will be temporarily is down. You should wait for a while and it will come restored in the near future.

Return to the earlier scenario where you used another computer to see whether you are able to connect to internet Internet in the first place. If you can access the Internet is available, the issue is with your computer. If you’ve visited this site and found two other reasons:

  • There’s nothing wrong with Google Chrome.
  • There’s nothing wrong with your wireless router.

From that point, there are a few other steps you need to do to fix the Err_Internet_Disconnected error in Google Chrome.

Check Your Local Area Network (LAN) Settings

Sometimes, if you have used a proxy in the LAN Settings, but forgot to remove it, then it can be caused by the Err_Internet_Disconnected error. This is because the proxy you had used previously was dead (unreachable) and can block access to the Internet. There’s a possibility that some applications accessed this feature and enabled the proxy function.

To determine whether the proxy function is active or not, visit Control Panel > Internet Options select”Internet Options”, then click on the “Connection” tab and then click on “LAN settings”.

In the new window, there are three checkboxes. Check the boxes for “Automatically detect settings” and “Proxy server”, and then click the “OK” twice “OK” button twice.

That’s it!

If you’re running a Mac OS X computer, go to the System Preferences > Network > choose your current network, then Advanced > Proxy Settings > remove all checkboxes in the “Select a protocol to configure” options. Then click OK. Apply.

Well, if this is the cause, the Err_Internet_Disconnected error should be gone for now.

Reset IP/TCP Settings And Flush DNS Caches

If the above solutions don’t aid in fixing this issue, attempt to reset the IP/TCP settings and clear DNS caches. This could help fix the issue.

In the first place, you have to start the Command Prompt program by pressing Windows Input ” cmd.exe ” Press and press Enter.

Then, follow the commands below, one at a time.

netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew

Disable Your Antivirus Or Firewall

There is a chance the antivirus program, internet security programs, built-in firewalls as well as third-party firewalls block your computer from connecting to the Internet. You can temporarily disable this software to determine if they block access to your Internet connection.

If these programs block you from connecting to your Internet connection, I’d suggest you disable them for good Find alternatives or to add Internet access to the blacklist.


I hope this guide was helpful to you and helped you to fix the Err_Internet_Disconnected error in Google Chrome. For any queries, you’d like to ask, please post a comment below.

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