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Fix Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration Error In Windows



The error message reads: Ethernet does not have an IP configuration that’s valid is displayed on your Windows computer due to the fact that it didn’t find an IP address valid from the DHCP server, such as the modem, switch, and wireless router.

As a default, your connection to the internet will be able to obtain information like Subnet Mask, the Default Gateway DNS server, and IP Address automatically.

For unidentified reasons the Ethernet connection isn’t able to obtain all the necessary information as I have mentioned previously.

This means that all connections on your computer won’t be able to reach and pass-through this DHCP server. This means that you could encounter unpleasant errors that include not having internet access or restricted connectivity.

But don’t be concerned as this issue is caused by software and won’t last forever. However, you can eliminate it by following a few steps. In this article,

I’ll share with you some helpful methods that you can employ to solve the Ethernet that does not have a valid IP configuration issue for the Windows computer.

Solution Ethernet Doesn’t Have An IP Configuration That’s Valid Error In Windows

Many reasons could cause the Internet connectivity error, for example, improper configurations of the adapter for network connections, cached files that have expired or cable issues DHCP difficulties, or an incompatible network driver.

But, it’s fairly easy to fix it by applying the following methods:

Tips: Before using any solution to fix this Internet connection issue I suggest restarting the Windows computer first. Sometimes just a reboot can assist in getting rid of the most irritating errors.

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1. Reset Winsock Protocol and TCP/IP Settings

The reset of the Winsock protocol and TCP/IP settings can help users remove the majority of Windows errors that are caused by DNS, IP, or the Internet connectivity, the IP or DNS.

To get started, press Windows Then, select them and then select the Command Prompt (Admin) choice from the menu that pops up.

The next step is to execute this operation to reset Winsock protocols on your Windows PC:

netsh winsock reset

Then, use the below commands to reset the TCP/IP settings:

netsh int tcp reset

netsh int ip reset

Then, restart after which, restart your Windows PC to make the modifications. If the Ethernet does not have an active IP configuration error is still present it is possible to switch to the next method.

2. Clean Up All The Network Cached Files causing invalid IP Configuration

If you have tried resetting the Winsock protocol or TCP/IP doesn’t aid in fixing this annoying problem on your system Try to clear all cached network files on your system. To do this, run these commands inside Command Prompt in the same way that I did in the first method.

  • Ipconfig/release
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /renew
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Then, restart your computer and then check to see if your Internet connection is regular or not.

3. Manually configure TCP/IP Settings

If resetting TCP/IP doesn’t work to fix this issue on your system You can try to set up these settings by hand.

First, right-click the icon for network connectivity on your taskbar and choose the open Network as well as Sharing Center selection.

Then, select next to the Ethernet network adapter that you are currently using.

The next step is to click on the Properties button.

Then, select and then select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and double-click it. If you’re using IPv6 select the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) instead.

In this stage There are two scenarios:

Case 1:

If you’ve configured a static IP address and other information, but aren’t able to connect to the Internet and, consequently your computer displays that the Ethernet isn’t configured correctly and displays an appropriate IP setting failure message. Then you have to switch to the automated configuration.

All you have to do is pick two of the options in the image below:

Case 2:

If you’re not sure you’ve created anything and have kept everything default, then you may want to set up those settings using the static data, which includes your LAN IP Address, Subnet Mask Default Gateway as well as a DNS Server.

For instance:

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Gateway default:
  • DNS server and

In these details, there are two options to keep in mind your IP address as well as your default gateway.

  • The default gateway refers to the IP address assigned by your modem or router depending on the location what location the DHCP server is located and also the location the Ethernet cable has been connected.
  • Your IP address may create any IP address that you like, but it has to adhere to this form that is identical to the standard gateway. For instance, if the default gateway is Then your IP address has to be The [000] could be any number between 2 and 255, but it cannot have the exact IP other devices use because that can cause an IP conflict.

After filling in the required information Once you’ve completed the required information, click”OK. “OK” option to save your changes, and then reboot your PC. Check again to determine whether the Internet connection is working or not.

4. Make Sure You Have An Ethernet Cable, and reboot Your Modem, Wireless Router, Or Router

The first thing you need to take is to examine for errors in the Ethernet cable that you use in connection with the modem and wifi router.

In some instances, an Ethernet cable that is damaged could result in interruptions of your Internet connection and trigger this frustrating error. So, if you suspect that your cable is damaged replacement is an ideal option.

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In addition, you’ll need to restart your modem and wireless router. In some cases, they’re not stable and will require a reboot to refresh all of the information. According to a lot of users, after restarting their router/modem, the issue was solved, and their Internet connection was restored.

5. Install the driver of Your Ethernet Network Adapter

If these methods don’t solve the “Ethernet doesn’t have acceptable IP setup error in your Windows computer’ error it could be due to something to do with your driver for the Ethernet router.

In this situation, it is necessary to install the driver or upgrade it to the most current version. Sometimes, your network adapter won’t function properly when using a corrupted or incompatible driver, which can result in a variety of serious errors such as this.

To update or install the driver of your network adapter to do this, press Windows Choose and then select the Device Manager choice from the menu that pops up.

Find the Ethernet network adapter in the devices list. Right-click on it and choose”Update Driver Software. “Update Driver Software …” option.

When it comes to the second step you will have two options you can choose from:

  • Find automatically updated driver software.
  • Browse my computer for driver software.

Select the option you wish to apply and then update the driver to work with your Ethernet networking adapter.

You could also remove the driver that comes with your network adapter. To do this, go to the website of the manufacturer to download the most current edition of this driver, and then install it.

This generally occurs on an older version of Windows OS, specifically Windows 7.

Take a look at the video below for how to install the Ethernet network driver on Windows 7:

Should you be having any queries concerning the Ethernet does not have an active IP configuration issue or the article you read, don’t hesitate to contact me via your comments below.

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