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Facebook Is Locking Out People For Not Activating ‘Facebook Protect’



In the past, Facebook sent a spam-like email to users, stating, “Your account requires advanced security through Facebook Protect.” Customers can enable the feature by clicking the link within the email. However, users won’t be in a position to login into their accounts if they activate them by the specified date.

A lot of users probably ignored the message because it appeared as if it was an email from a spammer. However, it was legitimate and the initial deadline for most users was Thursday 17 March. Users are having difficulties accessing their accounts, and are unable to log back to their accounts with the method offered by Facebook.

As per Facebook, the firm, Facebook Protect is an “Security program that targets certain groups of people who are more susceptible to being targeted by hackers who are malicious like journalists, human rights defenders and officials from government.”


A lot of users are complaining that they’ve lost access to their accounts. There are also instances where users aren’t able to access their accounts after switching Facebook Protect on. Some have also mentioned that they were unable to complete the process of activation before the date.

How do I turn off Facebook Protect?

The email is from ‘’ and shouldn’t be that hard to find. In the event that you don’t, you may activate it by following the steps below.

1. Make sure to click the downward-facing arrow located in the upper right corner of Facebook.

2. Navigate to Settings & Privacy Then, choose Settings.

3. Click on Security and Login.

4. Log on to Facebook Protect and click to Get Started.

5. Continue to click next on the pop-ups

6. Facebook will recommend what you need to fix when you click on Facebook Protect.

7. Click Fix Now, and follow the instructions on the screen to turn it off.

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