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Chrome://Components Page: How To Update Individual Components



Google Chrome automatically updates itself when an updated version of the browser becomes available. The update process takes place behind the scenes, meaning it doesn’t interfere with any ongoing work and doesn’t require any effort from your end. 

The process of updating the browser ensures that users are protected with the most recent security updates. To manually apply an update We typically adhere to the steps listed below:

Select the Chrome menu in the browser’s toolbar, and then select About Google Chrome. The most current version number can be found in the sequence of numbers that are located under”Google Chrome” heading “Google Chrome” heading. Chrome is able to check for updates while you’re on this page.

Relaunch the browser to apply any updates, if they are available. The browser automatically saves your tabs and windows that are open and reopens them after the restart.

The component isn’t updated in Chrome

If you encounter a Component that is not up-to-date in Chrome, then make use of this Chrome Components page to examine Chrome components on their own and upgrade them in order to prevent frequent crashes.

Chrome Components Page

After you have highlighted this you might have noticed your browser frequently fails to work after an update. Why? Certain Chrome components that are responsible for frequent crashes are not able to be separately examined and upgraded. Fortunately, Chrome has come up with an answer.

All Chrome components are now able to be displayed on one screen.

How do I access Chrome components?

The most recent version of the Chrome internet browser comes with a newly created components page which is loaded within Chrome to get information about the components available.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser
  2. Simply simply type Chrome://Components in the address bar and press the Enter button to open the web page.
  3. A “Check for updates” button must be visible underneath each component.
  4. Just update the components to the latest updates and the issue will be resolved.

What are the parts in Google Chrome?

Here’s a brief list of features of Google’s Chrome you’ll see:

  • Pepper Flash, Adobe Flash Player that uses Pepper API. Pepper API to run in Chrome.
  • Swift Shader, a software 3D renderer that allows you to make use of CSS 3D and WebGL even on GPUs that are blacklisted
  • Widevine Content Decryption Module, a plug-in created to view high-quality video content
  • CRLSet, Certificate Revocation List used in Chrome –
  • PNaCl A toolchain for creating Native Client applications to a part of the bitcode from LLVM.
  • Recovery is used to fix the chrome installation , or repair it. Google Update installation.
  • MEI Preload refers to the Media engagement bundle which is linked to the playback of media on your Chrome.
  • Legacy TLS Deprecation Configuration, Subresource Filter Rules, Crowd Deny. File Type Policies Origin Trials, Certificate Error Assistant, and many more.
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You might have questions that we’ll try to answer in the near future:

How do I install Chrome components?

Updates to Your Chrome web browser is going to install the most recent Chrome component file. If you’d like to install or update specific Chrome component files, you’ll have to go to the Chrome Components page.

How do I update WidevineCdm component?

WidevineCdm is the acronym as Widevine Content Decryption Module and is a plug-in specifically designed to allow the viewing of high-quality video. Go to the Chrome component page and then click the Check for updates button to check for updates against WidevineCdm.

Do you have a list of Chrome Components?

  • MEI Preload
  • Subresource Filter Rules
  • Crowd Deny
  • File Type Policies
  • Certificate Error Assistant
  • CRLSet
  • Tips for Safety
  • OnDeviceHeadSuggest
  • Cros-termina
  • Federated Learning of Cohorts
  • Autofill States Data
  • Third-Party Module List
  • Software Reporter Tool
  • PNaCL
  • Chrome Improved Recovery
  • Hyphenation
  • Broadvine Content Decryption Module
  • Zxcvbn Data Dictionaries

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