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Biometrics Are Becoming Important For Online Security: Report



Biometrics is getting more essential in online security and authentication. They’ve even become popular, with as much as 25% of the population employing biometrics in some way. The research report by the FIDO alliance reveals the most recent trends in the world of consumer behavior and the adoption of authentication technology all over the world.

Five significant findings concerning the use of biometrics in online security and

  • It is not surprising that passwords are still the most popular method of authentication over other, more secure and widely used ways of logging in.
  • Biometrics are getting more attention in both the perception of security as well as usage — a positive change when compared with the past consumer perceptions.
  • People still think that strengthening passwords is the most effective method of protecting their accounts.
  • Many people aren’t sure what they should do to secure their accounts even if they would like to.
  • Customers must be educated about the potential risks and implications of a poor security system for their accounts and solutions to secure their accounts.

Passwords remain the most popular method of login for users. However, 32% of people think that biometrics is the most secure method for logging into their accounts online, apps, and devices. It is clear that biometrics is growing in popularity and use in comparison to passwords which is still 19 percent.

It is interesting to note that the financial sector was where the application for biometric authentication really shined. On average 35% of customers have utilized biometrics to access financial services over the past two months and 28% of them cited it as the preferred method. The report also outlines the actions taken by those worried regarding their security online.

The majority (43 percent) have increased their password strength, however, this isn’t the sole method to ensure accounts are secure. Some have relied on biometrics (38 percent) as well as authentication software (21 percentage). Of those who haven’t done anything more than one-third (37 percent) of them admit they aren’t sure how to proceed.

The report’s conclusion is to point that people should be aware of how to improve their security online by using more secure encryption, passwords for SMS, OTP authenticator software security keys, or even biometrics on devices.

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