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Fix AT&T U-Verse Gateway Authentication Failure



Are you having issues you try to access the web using your U-Verse modem? If you’re facing this problem and are seeing a Gateway authentication failure error This guide is suitable for you. We’ve got a few solutions to resolve the problem in a matter of minutes.

We get a Gateway Authentication failure error when connecting to the web, but only in the event that the configuration settings aren’t correct. In the event of a mistake or error in the configuration settings, the modem is unable to access the Internet using the U-Verse modem and are experiencing the error. 

It could also happen when the configuration file has been damaged due to abrupt shutdowns. It is unable to open the corrupted file and display the Gateway authentication Failure when trying to connect to the Internet. Let’s find out how to solve the issue so that we can connect without a problem.

Fix Gateway Authentication Failure error

The most obvious fix for the Gateway authentication Failure issue is

  1. Verify the Internet connection
  2. Verify the cable and ONT port.
  3. Turn off the router
  4. Reset the modem and reconfigure it.

Let’s examine each solution in depth and apply them to correct the error.

1. Check the Internet Connection

The most basic solution we can look into when having difficulties getting online is to verify the state of the connectivity. 

It is important to ensure that the connection is working without an outage scenario. 

If there is any issue regarding the connection then you should call your ISP to fix the issue.

2. Examine the cable and the port on the ONT

Sometimes unfit cables or improperly connected cables are the main reason for the gateway’s authentication failure error. 

You must ensure your cables have been correctly fitted and connected. 

Also, verify that the cable is connected to the correct ONT port. 

Go through the user manual for your modem to ensure that everything is working properly with the cable and the ONT port.

3. Turn off the router

The power cycle is basically disconnecting the power supply from the router, and then unplug all the cables that are connected to it. 

Then, we have to let it rest for a bit before reconnecting all the cables. 

This will remove the built-in internet cache that hinders the creation of an initial connection. 

Many users have claimed that this fix helped users to eliminate the error message of gateway authentication failure.

4. Reset the modem and reconfigure it

Setting the modem back to default is the final option to remove the gateway authentication issue. 

Resetting the modem is similar to returning it to its default settings. It is possible to reset a modem using two methods. 

One method is to hold your power button down for 20 secs, then press the reset button in the same way if there is a separate button available. 

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Another option is to sign in to the settings page of the modem with the address and login details that are in the user manual for the modem. You can also reset the modem’s settings page. 

After the reset the modem restarts. Reconfigure the modem using the information you were provided through the Internet service provider. This will resolve the issue and allow you to join the Internet.

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