Apple Releases iOS 15.4 With Face ID, Universal Control & More

Apple announced today the iOS 15.4 along with iPadOS 15.4 updates on Tuesday as well as the macOS 12.3 upgrade. They are the 4th important iOS along with iPadOS 15.4 updates. These updates for the iOS update and iPadOS update allows you to utilize Face ID with masks add new Emojis, SharePlay, and Siri enhancements.

iPadOS 15.4 comes with Universal Control that lets you manage multiple iPads and Macs using the same mouse and keyboard. Apple also released macOS 12.3 to include Universal Control support on its Mac.

Do you have to upgrade on iOS 15.4 as well as iPadOS 15.4?

iOS 15.4 along with iPadOS 15.4 add new features and enhancements for both your iPhone or iPad. This includes security upgrades and security improvements, so it is important to ensure that you keep up-to date with your iPhone and iPad up-to-date. To upgrade the software on your iPhone or tablet, visit settings > general > software update and then enable automatic updates for future updates.

iOS 15.4 update lets you utilize Face ID without removing your mask from your iPhone 12 or newer. The latest update lets users to use Face ID scanning the eye area to identify your face. This is a great feature, particularly when mask mandates are efficient.

Each iOS and iPadOS are also bringing new emojis for the iPhone as well as the iPad. This includes a melty face that is now a thing, a saluting faces, beans, heart hands and a few other Emojis. This update increases the total number of emojis on iOS between 112 and 123.

Apple launched SharePlay as well as Universal Control as two of the most important functions in iOS 15, and both are now available to the iPhone as well as the iPad. Each of the iPad Pro and the new iPad Air pack the M1 chip, and are likely to work well with your Mac with Universal Control.

For users of Europe, the European Union, Apple has added Vaccine Card that lets you download and store authentic versions of COVID-19’s vaccine laboratory results, as well as recovery records. The update also includes Apple Wallet and allows you to keep vaccine cards in a certified European digital COVID Certificate format.

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