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Android 12L Beta 2 Released: What’s New?



It’s been a while now since Google published the first beta version of Android 12L. It’s essentially Android 12 but with additional enhancements and modifications to allow it to be used on tablets as well as folding devices. 

The second beta version of Android 12L is now available and we’ll show you everything new on the market. If you’re interested in learning more details regarding Android 12L and its features read the Android 12L feature article.

It is now possible to try the most recent version of Android 12L Beta 2 on your Google Pixel device. Beta 2 was released on the 12th of January, 2022 the most recent 12L Beta 2 fixes several annoying issues and is available for download by owners of several Pixel devices. 

Android is also working to bring 12L Beta 2 to a wider selection of Pixels. The announcement notes made by Android the company, provide details on what Android 12L Beta 2 entails, and what problems could arise during the use of the beta. 

As with any unreleased piece, there are some dangers, but the beta also manages to fix a number of known bugs that are present in the latest versions of Android.

Android 12L is designed for screens that have more than 600 dp. It offers all the modern features of Android 12 but has an adaptive layout designed to adapt to larger screen sizes. Additionally, there are some options that make multitasking slightly more manageable.

Android 12L Beta 2 What’s New?

There’s nothing major to report, other than the minor bugs that have been fixed. We’re not certain what a number of Android 12L beta updates will be made available however this one appears much more like polish, which could be a sign that this is the only thing Google has planned for us. The aim was to improve the performance of Android better for tablet devices, and the results are quite impressive.

Google added that this update is crucial for developers since APIs and behaviors are being completed, pointing towards an unofficial release. “Starting with Beta 2. System behaviors and APIs have been finalized. It is now time to start the testing and development process to make sure that the version compatible with your app is in place for users to download this update. 12L will come with the standard API degree (API Level 32).

With the final APIs in place, it’s time to shift the focus to testing compatibility and then release your new apps to downstream developers and users. It is also possible to build your apps using the APIs that are finalized and then improve any code that you create with the new feature APIs and features.”

Fixed Problems

  • Corrected an issue where there was a problem with the display of the lock clock. It was aligned to the display.
  • Corrected an issue in which all recent apps on the latest app view appeared as black images, and a “App isn’t available” toast message.
  • Corrected an issue in which the use of gestures to switch between apps could leave the image from previous apps’ status visible over a portion of the app currently in use.
  • Fixing an issue where images on the screen of lock were not large enough when viewed on bigger screens.
  • Corrected an issue that occurred when the lock screen was not closed after unlocking the device.
  • Fixing a bug which caused bitmap images to disappear or render improperly in widgets.
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How can I download Android 12L Beta 2

For those who have never had the chance to try the beta first time, the best way to test it is to sign up for the Google Android Beta Program for Pixel devices. 

This can be done by going to this website to sign in, and verifying whether your device is eligible to join the beta program. 

After you’ve been enrolled within the Beta program Android will offer regular updates when an update is made.

If you’re part in the Beta program but want to experience this beta version in an alternative method, Android suggests the following methods:

* Download the 12L Beta 2 on a partner device href=” /”>(Hi, Lenovo! )
• Download the emulator 12L image, then use it with Android Studio (Chipmunk)
* Create an image of a system that is generic (GSI)

It’s important to note that these choices only apply to those who intend to utilize the beta version for the development of apps and other tests. The majority of beta users will receive the update in a timely manner.

Android warns users that the latest 12L Beta 2 may cause various problems with performance, reliability of battery as well as performance on your Google Pixel device. Additionally, it’s not the best choice for users who require greater access. 

Like all beta versions are, it’s designed to be evaluated, and those who are enrolled within the program receive the tools needed to make any complaints they encounter.

You can sign up for Google’s Android 12L beta on your Pixel device here. What are your thoughts on Android 12L? Tell us in the comments below.

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