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8 Tips to Maximize Productivity on MacBook



Have you bought a new MacBook or wanted to get more insights on the different features that the awesome device offers? If you are switching from Windows, it may take some time to get acquainted with the powerful functions that macOS gives to its users.  

Once you learn the features and functions, managing and maintaining a consistent workflow will become easier. 

The article will help you to understand some expert tips and suggestions to get familiar with the new MacBook. Well, these valuable tips will help you in getting maximum productivity and efficiency from the device. 

Add a Glowing Cursor 

Unique features of Apple products make them one of the most admirable devices among users. Not only does Mac deliver excellent features that boost your productivity, but countless ways to customize your device. 

If you think that your cursor disappears on Mac and you find difficulty locating it, then you must read To prevent this situation, you can add dynamic effects to the cursor so that you can easily find it on the darker background images. 

To add this feature, you need to go to the Apple menu, click System Preferences, and tap on Accessibility. Next, select Display, and click on Zoom to make the changes.

Download iCloud Photos

If you store photos in iCloud and want to keep a local copy on your Mac computer, this tip is helpful. With ample storage, you can keep a copy of the file and access it without signing in to your iCloud account.  

When you have a local copy, you will have a Time Machine backup of the file. Moreover, you can easily edit the image on your computer. You don’t need to have an internet connection to view your photos. 

To enable this, launch the Photos app, navigate to Preferences, and select iCloud. Select the option that says Download Originals to this Mac. 

Upgrade Hardware Features 

MacBooks come in different dimensions, so identify your work-specific needs before you purchase one. Keep in mind that upgrading specifications in MacBook are nearly unfeasible so take note of the configuration to make the right purchase decision. 

If you are looking to enhance your gaming experience on macOS, adding an external GPU is worth it. Not only will you get better graphics, but a faster performance too. GPU will make your Mac more appropriate for gaming, creating VR content, and other graphics-intensive tasks. 

Having an Intel GPU will give you the performance and display quality you deserve to take your gaming to an advanced level. Make sure to buy one that suits your budget and preferences. 

Get iOS Apps

In the digital era, we have a dedicated app for almost everything. Apart from making things easier, apps are a simpler way to browse anything from eCommerce to banking. So, why not have them on Mac to get the most out of it. 

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One of the best features of Apple Silicon is that you can explore your favorite iOS apps on your MacBook. From messaging to listening to podcasts, you can use iOS apps for quick access to anything you want. 

However, you need to keep in mind the app policies as many of them are restricted to running over macOS. Because it only approved the applications from the Mac App Store. 

Configure Tracking Speed (Trackpad)

Another good thing about Mac computers is that you can adjust the tracking speed on the Trackpad. Configuring the tracking speed enables the Trackpad to work at an optimal level the way you want it. 

By default, the tracking speed of the Trackpad is set to level four. You might find it too slow to navigate the interface efficiently. It is recommended to keep it to level eight or nine for optimized speed and performance. 

To configure the tracking speed, go to Setting Preferences, click Trackpad, and adjust the tracking speed. 

Enable Tap to Click (Trackpad)

You need to press down on the Trackpad to initiate a click while working on your Mac computer. Do you know that you can tap on the Trackpad to trigger a click? 

Enabling this feature will make you more efficient as you only need to tap on the Trackpad instead of pressing down.   

To enable the feature, go to System Preferences, click Trackpad, and enable tap to click. Now your Trackpad initiates actions similar to your phone or tablet.  

Configure Tracking Speed (Magic Mouse)

If you are more comfortable using a mouse rather than a Trackpad, you can configure it for optimal performance. Adjusting the tracking speed for the mouse will enable you to work conveniently at a consistent pace. 

To adjust the tracking speed of the magic mouse, navigate to the System Preferences, select Mouse, and configure the speed. 

Keeping the tracking speed to level 9 will give you the efficiency and sensitivity you need to move around the interface. 

Back Up Your Data

Apple computers come with a built-in backup utility called Time Machine that creates hourly, daily, weekly and monthly data backups. Note that you need to have an external storage drive to create Time Machine backups

The first Time Machine backups will be time-consuming, but after that, the utility records only the items that are changed in due course. 

Another option is to move data to iCloud for higher availability. This way, you would be able to access your files on any device from anywhere.

Deepak Saini Editor-in-Chief at Tech Folder. He is a geek who shares his expertise in technology with the world via his writings.